Window display "Tool Roots" at Maison Hermès Ginza by Mike Abelson. May 18 - July 25, 2017.

At the Hermès Ginza store in Tokyo, designer Mike Abelson filled the window cases with a dynamic landscape of tools, referencing anthropologist’s tool collections and classic hardware store windows. ’Tool Roots’ responds to the Hermès 2017 theme of ‘Object Sense’ with 3-dimensional charts of daily objects mixed with drawings. They reach across two large vitrines, and continue into a series of small display boxes.
“Maybe tools are like colors? Perhaps they can be blended together, the way colors are, to form new objects with completely different roles?” Mike says.

Comparing the color wheel and how primary colors blend together forming new colors, tools also can blend and form new tools. Hermes products dot the landscape and engage with the installation’s narrative. "Tool Roots", an installation by Mike Abelson in the main Hermes Ginza window, will be on display beginning Thursday, May 18th.

銀座メゾンエルメスにて Mike Abelson のウィンドウ・ディスプレイ「Tool Roots」が始まりました。2017.5.18(Thu)~ 2017.7.25(Tues)


エーブルソンによると、道具は3つのベーシックな形、「Stick (棒)」「Rope (縄)」「Bowl (器)」から成り立っています。私たちの身のまわりにある道具の形はこの3つの形の組み合わせでできているのです。その様子を説明するために、「ツール・ルーツ」ではベーシックな形を赤、青、黄の3色に分け、その色を混ぜ合わせることで道具の形の多様性をあらわしました。