Pondlife Card Set
23 x 17 cm / 9 x 6.7"
¥ 1,296


Exploring does not always mean traveling to another country or a distant location. There are tiny worlds all around us; in the air, water, and even within our own bodies. This natural world exists close to people, even in the busiest cities. These magnified photos are of water samples taken around New York City and beyond. Sally Warring, biologist behind the Pondlife series, refers to these dynamic microscopic images as ‘urban adventures’.
Contains 9 cards (2 large, 5 standard, and 2 gift cards)

探検というと、よその国や遠いところへ行くことばかりだと思っていませんか?われわれをとりまく大気や水の中にも、いや、われわれの身体の中にだって、目に見えない微小な世界があるのです。人間のそばにある自然ばかりでなく、この忙しい都会にだって。これらの写真は、NYと近郊で採取した水のサンプルです。Pondlifeシリーズを主催する生物学者サリー・ワーリングは、こうした顕微鏡でしか見られないダイナミックな世界のことを 『アーバン・アドベンチャー』と喩えています。
9枚入(ポストカード大 2枚、ポストカード 5枚、ギフトカード2枚)

Here's another amazing diatom from the East River. This one is a colony consisting of many cells, it's called Bacillaria. It's also known as the carpenter's rule diatom, and you can clearly see why. The colony moves itself around and changes shape by sliding each individual cell over one another, so that it morphs from a long, thin colony, to a short stack of cells, then elongates again.

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