This success is a humbling reaffirmation of Snyder's roots. At the helm of his own brand, Snyder still strives to deliver on the rubric set forth by his Badowers mentor: "A perfectly fitted suit makes the man."

Pin-graph Paper

Versatile paper with a texture that keeps the pen from slipping too easily and makes it an ideal writing surface to keep thoughts flowing. Suitable for writing or drawing. This paper is ecologically made and chlorine free. Notebook pages are printed with Pin-graph, Postalco's original 1 x 1mm blue graph paper.

トッド スナイダー

アメリカ・アイオワ州に生まれる。名店Badowersにて服作りの基礎を習得。その後もデザイナーとして研鑽を積み、2011AWNYコレクションにて「TODD SNYDER」を発表。アメリカンクラシックを原点に、現代におけるジェントルマン・クロージングを提案し続ける。


多様性のある紙は、書き物にもスケッチにも向いています。環境にやさしい、無漂白パルプの紙です。 ピングラフはポスタルコのオリジナルで、ブルーの1mm方眼です。

Notebook for TODD SNYDER

Notebook for TODD SNYDER
No.20124TD Pressed Cotton Fabric Cover
A7(7.4 × 10.5cm)/ 3 x 4"
¥ 2,160

20124TD 2835

About Pressed Cotton Fabric

This fabric is made with the same machines that were used to make tent fabric. The base color of the white threads will become more apparent and it will soften with use. To keep the natural feeling of the material we did not waterproof coat the surface. There is a light water resistant treatment. Cotton is a natural material so slubs and irregularity in the fibers are part of its character. It is possible for wrinkles to appear as well.


If your item gets wet, pat dry with a soft cloth to absorb any liquid. With strong rubbing the color may come off leaving light spots. Please shade dry in a well ventilated area. If placed near air conditioners or heaters the item may warp.