Opening Ceremony, N.Y.
Sangaku Notebooks and Wallets 2008

Japanese Temple Geometry : SANGAKU

We created this series of wallets and notebooks with an original pattern for Opening Ceremony. Japanese Temple Geometry: Sangaku The patterns printed on these wallets and notebooks are redrawn from traditional Japanese geometry. During the Edo period (1603-1867) Japan was cut off from the western world. But learned people of all classes, from farmers to samurai, produced theorems in Euclidean geometry. These theorems appeared as beautifully colored drawings on wooden tablets which were hung under a roof in the precincts of a shrine or temple. The tablet was called a Sangaku which means a mathematics tablet in Japanese. Many skilled geometers dedicated a Sangaku in order to thank the gods for the discovery of a theorem. The proof of the proposed theorem was rarely given. This was interpreted as a challenge to other geometers, "See if you can prove this."

arrowNotebooks for Opening Ceremony


本製品は日本の伝統的な算額の模様を描いたものを印刷しています。算額とは、神社や仏閣に奉納した数学の絵馬です。江戸時代中期、寛文年間の頃から始まった風習といわれ、現在全国に約820面の算額が現存しています。 算額は、数学の問題が解けたことを神仏に感謝し、益々勉学に励むことを祈願して奉納されたと思われます。 人の集まる神社仏閣を発表の場とし、難問や問題だけを書いて解答を付けないで奉納するものも現われ、その問題を見て解答を算額にしてまた奉納するといったことが行われました。算額奉納の習慣は世界に例を見ず、日本独自の文化であり、明治になり洋算の導入を容易にしたのも算額を奉納する風習が貢献しました。

arrowNotebooks for Opening Ceremony