Why do we develop an affection for some objects over others? If people were interested only in function, then any tool that works would be the same. Things we choose to surround ourselves with might have meaning because they are a gift from a friend or maybe we like the way they feel. We are inspired by the way a well-designed object can almost become a ‘collaborator’ in daily life.

Mike and Yuri Abelson began their design consultancy in Brooklyn, New York in 1999. They then moved to Tokyo in 2001. They co-founded the own brand, Postalco, in 2000. Since then Postalco has grown to many products sold in stockists all over the world. There is also an independent Postalco retail store in Tokyo where, along with regular exhibits, carefully crafted items can be experienced first hand.

Postalco designs and produces fine stationery, outerwear and leather goods working with craft in Japan. Based in Tokyo for over 15 years Abelson Design Office is passionate about finding new ways to apply Japanese craft in daily life.

Activities encompass product design, graphic design, interior, exhibition projects, and creative direction. We've worked with a wide variety of clients including: Calder Foundation, Jack Spade New York, The Conran Shop, US Embassy to Tokyo, Sunspel, and Issey Miyake.

Exhibitions include: FabMind at 21_21 Design Sight Gallery (Tokyo 2014), Carrying Research at MDS Gallery (Tokyo 2005), Postalco Up Until Now at CLASKA 3F Gallery & Shop Do (2009), Wallpaper* Handmade (Milan Salone, 2012), Wheel Printer at Creation Gallery G8, Ginza (2012), "Tool Roots" at Maison Hermès Ginza.

Mike Abelson is native of Los Angeles, California. Yuri Abelson is from Tokyo and has lived in the U.S. and Switzerland. They currently live and work in Tokyo.





CLASKA 3Fギャラリー&ショップ『POSTALCO UP UNTIL NOW』(東京2009)
ミラノサローネ『Wallpaper Hand made』(ミラノ2012)
クリエーションギャラリーG8『Wheel Printer』(東京2012)