Letter Project
Benefit for those impacted by the East Japan Disaster, 2011

Even if it is small we wanted to send a message to the people affected by the disaster but we didn't even know where to send it. Speaking with friends, some of them felt the same way.
We thought that we could join our efforts and send our messages or feelings on paper. Postalco mailed out a blank format to use.
Postalco gathered letters together and sent them to Tono Magokoro Network, along with a financial donation ( Proceeds from a Postalco Donation Sale).

Tono Magokoro Network is a volunteer support group based in the Iwate Prefecture. They have a Letter Library project where they accept books along with a letter from the person donating the book to be read along with the book making it much more personal. They also organize area cleanup, local kitchens, and support for the elderly among other activities. Tono Magokoro Network understands the power of a personal letter and they were interested in the Postalco Letter Project.
Above are some of the letters we received.