Natural history of everyday objects


Scissors Print
35 x 50 cm / 13.7 x 19.6"
¥ 1,100


A pair of scissors is two knives joined together, but the function seems so different from a knife or two. Hideki Sekine is an anthropologist, master fire-starter, and scissors collector. He told us that the origin of scissors is uncertain. Before scissors there were pinchers. Maybe at some unknown point someone sharpened the arms of the pinchers and the first scissors were born? Besides paper cutting, scissors are used for candy making, trimming nose hair, in the kitchen and some scissors are just for making loud snapping sounds. Sekine’s diverse collection spanning over 300 years including scissors from France to Mongolia and the Middle East were on display. The Postalco shop also offerred for sale a selection of hand-crafted scissors from Japan and Germany. Snip Snip, Snip!This poster was made for Postalco exhibition “Scissors”

ハサミは、構造的にはふたつのナイフを組み合わせたものだけど、ナイフとハサミじゃ大ちがい。和光大学講師で、焚き火の達人で、ハサミの蒐集家の関根秀樹さんに訊いてみると、その起源は「はっきりしない」とのこと。もともとは、手や物とナイフとを鋏のように交差させていたのが始まりだったのかもしれない。ところで、ハサミとひと口にいっても多種多様。紙切りバサミ、飴屋バサミ、鼻毛切りハサミ、料理バサミ、切らないで音を出すハサミ...関根さんのおよそ300年にもわたる時代の世界からのハサミコレクションをPostalco Shopで展示しました。あわせて、日本とドイツのハサミをセレクトして販売しました。ポスタルコで、チョキ、チョキ、チョキ。シザーズプリントはその展示にあわせて作ったポスターです。