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This special edition is the result of a shared passion for the art of craftsmanship, a love of things being made as well as they can be. The magnified woven pattern is from a prototype fabric sketch conceived by a Sunspel technician in the 1950s, the collection has been handcrafted in Japan. Postalco letterpress printed this pattern on to our classic wallet and notebook. Handcrafted in Japan.


Thomas A Hill founded Sunspel in 1860. His revolutionary idea to make modern, everyday clothing from beautiful fabrics soon established Sunspel as a pioneer in British craftsmanship. Sunspel continues this tradition today.


職人の手仕事が大好きなこと、美しさをきわめたモノへの愛、それが私たちを結びつけました。 このシリーズは1950年代のサンスペルの職人によるTシャツ生地の編みのスケッチに想を得て、日本でひとつひとつ手仕事で作られました。


1860年にトーマス・A・ヒルによって創設されました。 「日々の暮らしの中に、美しい布地を」という画期的なアイデアによって、サンスペルは英国のクラフトの先駆者となりました。 その伝統は、いまも引き継がれています。

Notebook for SUNSPEL

Notebook for SUNSPEL
No.20124SU Pressed Cotton Fabric Cover
A5(14.8 × 21cm)/ 5.8 x 8.3"
¥ 2,268

20124SU 2524 2522

About Pressed Cotton Fabric

This fabric is made with the same machines that were used to make tent fabric. The base color of the white threads will become more apparent and it will soften with use. To keep the natural feeling of the material we did not waterproof coat the surface. There is a light water resistant treatment. Cotton is a natural material so slubs and irregularity in the fibers are part of its character. It is possible for wrinkles to appear as well.


If your item gets wet, pat dry with a soft cloth to absorb any liquid. With strong rubbing the color may come off leaving light spots. Please shade dry in a well ventilated area. If placed near air conditioners or heaters the item may warp.