Uni by Postalco


No.2026-00001 Brass, Resin & Iron
1 x 14.1 x 1.4 cm / 0.39 x 5.55 x 0.55"
キャップ取り外し時 12.9 cm / 5.1"
¥ 22,000

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Precision writing tool.

Pencils, evolving for over 500 hundred years, feel great in the hand. Pens, while a newer idea, make it possible to write any time and any place. Designer Mike Abelson wanted a writing instrument that had the performance of a pen, but with the classic charm of a pencil. In this pen the ink cartridge is sandwiched between two layers, inspired by the way two pieces of wood encase the lead in a classic pencil. These layers form a comfortable grip and are the inspiration for the name Layered. The Layered Pen is designed by Postalco and engineered by Uni, Mitsubishi Pencil. The smooth Jetstream ink allows you to forget about the pen and watch the thoughts inside your mind carried through the pen, and out onto paper.


Uni by Postalco

Like the layers of wood that form a pencil, this pen is also made with layers skillfully combined to create this precision writing tool. At the core of the pencil is graphite, and at the core of the Layered pen is Jetstream ink.



uni by Postalco




Exceptionally smooth performance with this more fluid ink is delivered by a special ballpoint tip. Lines are twice as dark as typical ballpoint pens and the ink dries almost immediately. This smooth writing ink is habit-forming.






・Do not vigorously shake the barrel or drop it. This may cause ink to squirt or may make the ink faint.
・Avoid writing with the pen tip facing upward. This may cause ink leakage or may make the ink faint.
・Be sure to replace the cap on the product when not in use, as it may stain clothes or other items.
・The cap can be removed easily with slight force. Please handle it carefully.
・After use, insert the cap all the way inside straight along the barrel.
・Do not expand the clip forcibly or insert a thick item into the clip. This may damage the clip.