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Soft Key Case
No.75210 Pebble Deerskin
4.3 x 8.5 x 2cm / 1.7 x 3.3 x 0.8"
¥ 18,700

75210 3151

Completely wrap your metal keys in soft deerskin so they won't scratch anything in your bag. This has the feeling of an ancient tool pouch. Its minimal form makes it entirely contemporary. Pouch closes securely with a hidden snap. The leather strap is anchored to the case for tying to your bag. Lined with leather and cotton chambray fabric. Attached split key ring holds up to 5 flat keys. Max key length is 63mm. (2.48”)


About Postalco Pebble Deerskin

Deerskin leather was prized by explorers and mountain men working in the backwoods of North America. One man talked about showing up to work in the forest with his standard home-woven fabric clothing. He soon found his clothing hanging in shreds around his body. Until the invention of heavyweight machine woven fabrics really was only deerskin that could offer the flexibility needed for clothing and also stand up to scratching branches and hard work in the woods. Native American knew this and had effective ways of naturally tanning the hides of the animals not wasting any parts. They make everything from rainwear to pouches. There is a story of man who made a pair of moccasins for his grandson by first fitting the shoes to the boy’s feet. After soaking them in water for a day the boy was told to wear them all night. While the boy slept the leather formed to his feet, perfecting the fit. The next morning he had the perfect running shoes. Deerskin's unusual flexible strength makes it famous for use in Japanese Archery and is why it was used to connect the pieces of Samurai armor together. When I first started experimenting with prototypes in deerskin I was surprised how soft it could be while at the same time so strong. Vegetable tanning and the fine texture of this leather creates a surface that looks like small pebbles or river sand. This texture helps small scratches and surface wear blend in to become part of the patina created with use. That is why we call it Pebble Deerskin.


Leather color may crock or bleed. Especially take care with light colors which may come in contact with this product. If your item gets wet do not rub: quickly daub liquid with a soft dry cloth. Dry in the shade. Colors may fade with exposure to light. Postalco Pebble Deerskin is already treated with oil so it does not need leather cremes. Leather cremes may stain this leather. Small scratches and water stains can be blended in with a water moistened, tightly squeezed cloth. Wipe over the entire leather surface to gently make small scratches and water stains less noticeable.


鹿革という素材は、北アメリカの森林地帯の開拓者や木こりたちに重宝がられてきました。 厳しい森での作業にも、鹿革製の衣服ならタフで、しなやかだからです。こうした知恵は、もともと、アメリカ先住民たちのもの。 彼らは、獲物をムダにしないために、鹿革の鞣し方も知っていて、小物入れから雨着まで、すべて鹿革製でした。 子供のためにモカシンを作ってあげるとき、どんなふうにするか、知ってますか?まず子供の足にピッタリに作って、それを水に漬けてから、ひと晩穿いたままで寝させます。 翌朝、足になじんだパーフェクトなモカシンができあがるという寸法!植物で鞣した鹿革は、堅牢さとしなやかさで、日本古来の弓道や武具に使用されてきました。 初めてプロトタイプで、鹿革を試してみたとき、強いだけでなく、とてもやわらかいことに驚きました。 植物鞣しとテクスチャーの繊細さが、小石(ペブル)か川の砂のような表面を生み出しています。 このテクスチャーのおかげで、傷になっても目立たないばかりか、使い込むほどに味わいとなります。だから、ペブルディアスキンと呼ぶのです。日本製。


摩擦により製品と接するものに色移りする可能性があります。 特に色が薄いものとのご使用の際はご注意ください。水に濡れるとしみや色落ちの原因になります。 濡れてしまった場合はこすらずに、すぐに乾いたやわらかい布で軽く叩くようにして水気を取り、陰干ししてください。 光により変色や退色することがありますので、直射日光やライトなど強い光が当たる場所に長時間置かないで下さい。 鹿革は皮脂をたっぷりと含んでおり、油分が抜けにくいため、オイルの補給は必要ありません。レザーオイルはしみになることもあるので使用しないでください。 小さな傷や水じみは、柔らかな布を水に濡らしてからかたく絞り、傷の部分だけでなく全体をやさしく拭くと目立ちにくくなります。