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Stand Up Pouch LT

Stand Up Pouch LT
No.84028 Light Hammer Nylon & Leather
16 x 12 x 7 cm / 6.3 x 4.7 x 2.75"
¥ 12,100

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Stand Up Pouch LT
This barrel shaped case stands up on its own. Water resistant fabric ideal for small items from cables to cosmetics. Zips completely open for easy access. Folds flat when empty. Inside open pocket for smaller items.
Water resistant treated for weather proofing. Durable Light Hammer Nylon fabric with leather zipper pulls. Made in Japan.

スタンドアップポーチ LT

About Light Hammer Nylon

Made to our specifications to be light and strong. It feels dry and crisp like our Light Hammer Nylon, but is thinner for an effortless daily bag. This fabric is named for its almost hammered looking surface. The fabric surface feels natural but it has the strength and water resistance of nylon. This high density improves the natural water resistance of nylon. Light Hammer Nylon fabric is created using a proprietary process invented and made in small batches in Japan.


Leather and fabric webbing may fade with use and colors may bleed, especially when wet. If your bag gets wet gently blot it with a soft dry cloth. Do not wash this bag. Do not place in the dryer. To clean: Spot dry clean or wipe with a moistened soft cloth. Use only water repellent spray made to be used with both leather and fabric.


撥水加工してあるので、雨の日でも使えます。ジッパーの開け閉めに耐えられる、耐久性にすぐれたライトハンマーナイロン製です。 軽くてタフなものをということで開発されたものです。ライトハンマーナイロン特有のサラッとしたドライな感触ですが、毎日使うバッグ用に、ずっと薄くずっと扱いやすくなっています。ライトハンマーナイロンとは、ハンマーで叩いたような見た目からつけられた名前。 表面はしなやかなのに、キャンバス地のように腰があります。撥水性あり。独自の製法で少量生産された生地です。