The future is flat

Flat Tote M

Flat Tote Medium
No.84061 Light Hammer Nylon and Leather
46 x 33 cm / 18.1 x 13"
¥ 49,500


Flat Tote Medium
Bags that expand to carry all your necessities, feel great, and when empty fold very flat, like a tortilla.
One main compartment with an open side pocket inside. Holds A4 documents and a laptop easily. Fits a large wallet, sunglasses, a phone, keys, and any daily essentials. Ideal for travel or everyday use.

Flat Bag
Before bread was the fluffy food we now know, it was flat. There are traditions of flat bread all over the world. Indian nan, Mediterranean pita, Danish crackers, Mexican maize tortillas and others can be found on every continent and in varied cultures. I could find over 120 types of flat bread. A flat tortilla is the result of accumulated wisdom, containing a nutritional punch that is absolutely delicious- all within a deceptively simple-looking, flat shape. There is something primitive but also sophisticated, and even futuristic about flat bread. Flat things are appealing. Technology is always working to be thinner and flatter. Flat means easy and effortless and also essential. This is the Flat Bag. Made in Japan with Smooth Leather and our signature Light Hammer Nylon fabric.


パンは今のようにフワフワになる前は、ペッタンコでした。世界中、おなじような歴史があります。インドのナン、地中海のピタ、デンマークのクラッカー、メキシコのトウモロコシのトルティーヤなど、どの大陸にもどの文明にも、ペッタンコパンの伝統があって、その数はざっと120を超えます。平べったいトルティーヤですが、たっぷりとした知恵の集積があってのこと、見かけは薄っぺらですが栄養もあるし、おいしさもとびきり。原始的だけど、洗練されてる、いや、それどこらか未来的でさえあります、ペッタンコは。 平べったいものって、なんだか気になります。テクノロジーも、どんどん薄く、平べったくなりつつあります。フラットということは、扱いがラクで、本質的だということでもあります。 これこそが、フラットバッグ。日本製。素材は、スムースな牛革とポスタルコならではの軽く圧縮したライトハンマーナイロン。

About Light Hammer Nylon & Leather

Hammer Nylon

Lighter weight and slightly softer than our orijinal Hammer Nylon. This fabric is named for its almost hammered looking surface.
This fabric is named for its almost hammered looking surface. The fabric surface feels natural but it has the strength and water resistance of nylon. This high density improves the natural water resistance of nylon. Light Hammer Nylon fabric is created using a proprietary process invented and made in small batches in Japan. Made to our specifications to be light and strong.

Smooth Leather

This fullgrain cowhide is tanned using vegetable tannins from the mimosa tree. Making veg tanned and aniline dyed leather is more expensive and time consuming but produces beautiful leathers. The more this leather is used, the better the surface patina gets over time.

How We Dye Our Leather

The variation from skin to skin and even within the same skin is a sign of natural leather. The typical way to make leather color uniform is to cover the surface with thick synthetic fillers and pigment coatings, covering the natural variations in surface and color. Unfortunately this finish does not allow scratches to blend in or improve over time. Postalco leather is colored using aniline dyes. Aniline dyes soak into the leather leaving visible the natural variation in grain and texture.
The more aniline dyed leather is used, the better the surface patina gets over time. Each skin is different: a faint stripe-like pattern, called ‘tora’ in Japanese is a natural effect due to the way the dye soaks in to the various parts of the skin. Each skin's tora is different.
Making Veg tanned and Aniline dyed leather is more expensive and time consuming but produces beautiful leathers.


Leather and fabric webbing may fade with use and colors may bleed, especially when wet. If your bag gets wet gently blot it with a soft dry cloth. Do not wash this bag. Do not place in the dryer. To clean: Spot dry clean or wipe with a moistened soft cloth. Use water repellent spray made for both leather and fabric. If the leather feels dry please use a mild cream (such as clear delicate shoe cream) to replenish moisture. Be sure to use only clear cream as any color will rub off.







一枚の革の中でも、場所によって色や質感にバリエーションがあります。 革の表面を均一にするために、顔料で塗装する方法が一般的ですが、残念ながらこの方法は革の自然な風合いを損ない、長期間使用すると塗装がはがれてきます。 ポスタルコの革の色付けには染料染めを採用しております。革の表面の味を生かす染料でオリジナルカラーに染めてあるため、使い込むほどに風合いが増していき、経年変化を楽しめます。 革には一枚ずつ違った表情があります。縞の色むらの様に見えるのはトラと呼ばれる革の繊維の模様です。この柄はひとつとして同じものがありません。 自然な加工法の丈夫な革ですので手入れをすることにより長期間使用することができます。