Lightweight water protection


Rain Cape
No.84120 Nylon fabric with Shear Dry finish
後着丈: 88cm  裾幅: 85cm
Bottom of hood to hem 88cm / 34.5"
bottom width 85cm / 33.5"

Unisex with size range from ladies’ small to mens’ medium.
¥ 41,800

84120 2701 2432 2857

The shoulder joint is the most flexible joint in our body.
A rain cape covers without restricting the arms' motion. Maybe that is why the rain cape was used for ages by travelers, farmers, horse riders, mail carriers and messengers. The rain cape's simplicity is why it works so well. Since there are no sleeves, the arms can move freely. We added wrist-straps on the inside to keep the cape in place. There is a large expanding gusset on the backside to allow space for a backpack. Folds into a sewn-in pocket. There are many ways to stay dry in a storm but if you have rainwear that you like, rain might be more enjoyable. Handmade in Japan.


To match the rain cape, we made original buttons carved with a geometric pattern for grip.

arrow About Shear-Dry Nylon

肩の関節はニンゲンの身体の中で、いちばんフレキシブルな関節です。 レインケープは、この肩から腕の動きを制限しないので、旅人や農夫、馬に乗るヒト、郵便配達人やメッセンジャーに昔から愛用されてきたのでしょう。 そのシンプルな形こそが、自由な動きを生み出すのです。 袖がないので、腕の動きがさまたげられないのと同時に、内側に、手首を固定するストラップを付けることで、ケープがずれることもなくなりました。 後ろ側には、バックパックをしたままで着用できるように、まちが付いています。縫い込まれたポケットに、たたんでしまえば、小さくコンパクトになります。 外は降りしきる雨、濡れない方法はいくつもあるでしょうが、お気に入りのレインウエアがあれば、雨に顔をしかめることもなくなります。




Flat Pack drawing

Video made for Postalco by artist Koki Tanaka. 

About Shear-Dry Nylon

Many waterproof fabrics have a thin plastic or rubber film glued to the inside of the fabric. These plastic layers give fabric an unpleasant stiffness and also reduce breathability.
The Postalco Shear-Dry nylon water repellency treatment is fused directly into the fabric.
No films or plastic sheets are glued to the Shear-Dry nylon giving Shear-Dry its special flexibility, softness and breathability. Since Shear-Dry nylon is treated inside, outside and between the fibers, the treatment is much more durable than traditional water resistant treated fabric. Blocks 95% of UV rays.


・Do not use fabric softener or detergents with fabric softener.
・Hand wash with a mild detergent or dry clean.
・Do not store wet.
・Avoid direct sunlight and dry in shade. After drying, iron low heat.
・Place fabric layer over item while ironing.
・Ironing smoothes the surface and helps improve water repellency.
・Durable water repellency may decline with use and washing over time.





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