Lightweight water protection


Free Arm Rain Jacket
No.84121 Nylon fabric with Shear Dry finish
後着丈: 62.5cm  裄丈: 84cm  身幅: 54.5cm
Bottom of hood to hem 82.5cm / 32.5"
Center of neck to sleeve end 84cm / 33"
Armpit to armpit 54.5cm / 21.5"
Unisex with size range from ladies’ small to mens’ medium.
¥ 48,400

84121 2434 2711 2858 2960

After much testing, we developed a sleeve construction that allows for fuller and more unrestrained arm movement. The side seams have a special construction allowing exceptional ease of movement. The no-seam shoulder construction was inspired by the rainwear of Japanese workers of the 1890’s harvesting sugarcane in Hawaii. No shoulder seams feel better under backpack straps and make it is easier to keep water out. Sleeves are made to roll up for outdoor work and roll down for bicycle riding. These construction details require more fabric to make one Free Arm Rain Jacket but the special functions are worth it. Unisex with size range from ladies’ small to mens’ medium. Ring zipper pulls to open pockets easily. Made with Postalco's original Shear-Dry nylon. Handmade in Japan.


To match the rain cape, we made original buttons carved with a geometric pattern for grip.

arrow About Shear-Dry Nylon

人の肩の関節のなめらかな動きをさまたげないようにするには、どうすればいいか研究してきました。 肩の縫い目をなくしピヴォットスリーブにすることで、肩の動きが窮屈にならないレインウエアが生まれました。 この構造は1800年代後半にハワイに移民した日本人労働者の雨具からヒントを得ています。 肩の縫い目がないことで雨が浸みるのを防ぎ、バックパックを背負っても異和感がありません。 ロールアップできる袖で様々な体型の人にフィットします。この機能と構造のために生地がたっぷり必要ですが、それだけの価値があります。 フリーサイズ。ポケットはリングの付いたファスナーで開閉がスムーズ。ナチュラルな肌触りに仕上げたシア・ドライ・ナイロン製。撥水性あり。日本製。




About Shear-Dry Nylon

Many waterproof fabrics have a thin plastic or rubber film glued to the inside of the fabric. These plastic layers give fabric an unpleasant stiffness and also reduce breathability.
The Postalco Shear-Dry nylon water repellency treatment is fused directly into the fabric.
No films or plastic sheets are glued to the Shear-Dry nylon giving Shear-Dry its special flexibility, softness and breathability. Since Shear-Dry nylon is treated inside, outside and between the fibers, the treatment is much more durable than traditional water resistant treated fabric. Blocks 95% of UV rays.


・Do not use fabric softener or detergents with fabric softener.
・Hand wash with a mild detergent or dry clean.
・Do not store wet.
・Avoid direct sunlight and dry in shade. After drying, iron low heat.
・Place fabric layer over item while ironing.
・Ironing smoothes the surface and helps improve water repellency.
・Durable water repellency may decline with use and washing over time.





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