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Utility Pouch
No.84123 Nylon fabric with Shear Dry finish
30 x 17cm / 11.8 x 6.7"
¥ 14,190

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The job of the pouch is to make many things into one object. This soft pouch is just the right size to carry around on its own, or inside another bag. With two layers of Postalco’s original Shear-Dry rainwear fabric the contents stay dry while the tightly woven webbing keeps the zipper easy to open. Additional inside zipper pocket. Washable nylon. Made in Japan.

arrow About Shear-Dry Nylon

たいしてモノが多いわけではないけれど、できれば全部ひとつにまとめたい。 ポーチの役割は、いろいろなモノをひとつにまとめること。このポーチは、単体でもほかのバッグに入れてもOKなサイズ。 生地はポスタルコのレインウェアに使われている撥水性があるオリジナルのシア・ドライ・ナイロンの二重仕立て。し っかり織られたストラップで挟んでいるのでジッパーの開け閉めがラクです。水に強いので洗面用具入れに最適だけど、文具類やケーブル入れにも。 内側には小さいポケットが付いているので、目薬やリップクリームなどの細かいものも分けて持ち歩けます。ナイロン製で洗濯可。日本製。


About Shear-Dry Nylon

Many waterproof fabrics have a thin plastic or rubber film glued to the inside of the fabric. These plastic layers give fabric an unpleasant stiffness and also reduce breathability.
The Postalco Shear-Dry nylon water repellency treatment is fused directly into the fabric.
No films or plastic sheets are glued to the Shear-Dry nylon giving Shear-Dry its special flexibility, softness and breathability. Since Shear-Dry nylon is treated inside, outside and between the fibers, the treatment is much more durable than traditional water resistant treated fabric. Shear-Dry nylon is made for Postalco in Japan.


・Do not use fabric softener or detergents with fabric softener.
・Hand wash with a mild detergent or dry clean.
・Do not store wet.
・Avoid direct sunlight and dry in shade. After drying, iron low heat.
・Place fabric layer over item while ironing.
・Ironing smoothes the surface and helps improve water repellency.
・Durable water repellency may decline with use and washing over time.





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