Lightweight water protection


Four Vent Rain Jacket
No.84124 Nylon fabric with Shear Dry finish
S size
後着丈: 61.5cm  裄丈: 80.5cm  身幅: 49cm
Bottom of hood to hem 61.5cm / 24"
Center of neck to sleeve end 80.5cm / 31.5"
Armpit to armpit 49cm / 19.5"

¥ 38,500

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Our arms move all the time, always busy. The torso is more grounded and calm.
The arms and the torso are like two good friends who are completely different from each other. Friendship often mixes opposites- maybe that’s because it’s more fun to spend time with people who are different from ourselves?
The overlaid sleeves keep up with all the arms’ flapping gesticulations. For the torso there is a vest base with 3 well-located pockets. The sleeves and the body are connected in a few key areas, keeping the rain out and at the same time allowing maximum arm movement. The 4 large vents allow remarkably improved breathability. Keeping harmony between opposites as a priority, the Four-Vent Rain Jacket was born.

Other Features

・Compact durable water resistant packing pouch included to help prevent your wet rain jacket from drenching everything else in your bag. Packed size: 30 x 15cm.(12" x 6")
・Short length allows maximum leg movement, but in heavy rain will not keep your legs dry.
・Minimal seams are placed off the shoulder to avoid water seepage.
・Signature roll-up sleeves to adjust sleeve length.
・3 points of adjustment allow hood to fit well and move together with the head, improving visibility while keeping your head dry. Concealed pull rings on all cord adjustments. Made to fit over a helmet.
・Double hang loops for quick drying after use.
・All pockets have concealed zippers to keep water out. Large pulls for use with gloves.
・Zipper chest pocket for quick access to phone or keys.
・Weight: Medium size 385g(13.6oz), Small size 345g(12oz)

arrow About Shear-Dry Nylon

ニンゲンの腕は、いつもせわしなく動いています。それに比べ、胴体はドッシリとしていて落ち着いています。 腕と胴はお互いに根っからちがうけれど、仲の良いともだちのようです。 友情というのは正反対だからこそ成立するということが多いもので、だからこそお互いにワクワクするのでしょう。 二重になった袖のおかげで、どんな腕の大きな手振りにもフィットします。 胴体には絶妙なところにある3つのポケットが付いたベストが。 胴と腕の部分はポイントでつながっていて雨から守ってくれるけれど、腕にとっての最大限の動きをさせてくれます。 4つの大きなベンチレーション(通気孔)は、さらにたっぷりとした通気性をプラスしてくれます。 こうして、正反対の動きをうまくミックスさせることで、フォーベント・レインジャケットは誕生しました。


・総重量:Mサイズ 385g、 Sサイズ 345g


About Shear-Dry Nylon

Many waterproof fabrics have a thin plastic or rubber film glued to the inside of the fabric. These plastic layers give fabric an unpleasant stiffness and also reduce breathability.
The Postalco Shear-Dry nylon water repellency treatment is fused directly into the fabric.
No films or plastic sheets are glued to the Shear-Dry nylon giving Shear-Dry its special flexibility, softness and breathability. Since Shear-Dry nylon is treated inside, outside and between the fibers, the treatment is much more durable than traditional water resistant treated fabric. Blocks 95% of UV rays.


・Do not use fabric softener or detergents with fabric softener.
・Hand wash with a mild detergent or dry clean.
・Do not store wet.
・Avoid direct sunlight and dry in shade. After drying, iron low heat.
・Place fabric layer over item while ironing.
・Ironing smoothes the surface and helps improve water repellency.
・Durable water repellency may decline with use and washing over time.





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