Waterproof, windproof, and breathable jacket that feels like a shirt.


Snap Jacket
No.84130 Proof Line waterproof nylon fabric
M size
後着丈: 67cm  裄丈: 86cm  身幅: 58cm
Bottom of hood to hem 67cm / 26.5"
Center of neck to sleeve end 86cm / 34"   Back 58cm / 23"

L size
後着丈: 77.5cm  裄丈: 90.5cm  身幅: 66cm
Bottom of hood to hem 77.5cm / 30.5"
Center of neck to sleeve end 90.5cm / 35.5"   Back 66cm / 26"

¥ 85,800


Waterproof rain protection so you can stay dry and move freely no matter what the weather.

I looked everywhere for a rain jacket that feels like a comfortable shirt, but works like a well-engineered outdoor rain jacket. I couldn’t find one, so we made it; with beautiful Japan-made tightly woven fabric that feels great. Proof Line nylon is made expressly for us in our Midnight Blue.


アウトドア製品のように機能的で、シャツのように気持ち良く着られるレインジャケットを探してみたものの、なかなか見つけられませんでした。 見つからないなら、つくるしかない。ということで、日本製の目の詰まった生地で開発しました。深みのある紺色の、特注のプルーフラインナイロンです。

It feels like a crisp shirt, but it will keep you dry in a downpour. Slip it on over a t-shirt or light sweater. With the very minimum of cords, no straps, and no velcro to get in the way. The bottom edge has a clean shape like a shirt. The sleeves have a clean finished edge to be rolled up. It took many prototypes to achieve extreme freedom of movement that won’t interfere with your arms when running, biking or other activities.

Four vents (2 vents in the front and 2 vents in the back) release moisture from the inside for maximum airflow, Snaps cut from solid aluminum secure your jacket in place. Use the zipper for increased wind protection.

No exterior logos, anywhere, so you can wear it anytime. 

We need our brains, especially these days.
The hood is engineered to fit over your helmet. Even if you don’t wear a helmet now, you might change your mind at some point down the road.


4つのベンチレーション(前面に2つ、背面に2つ)で、空気の流れがより大きくなり内側の湿気を逃がしてくれます。 アルミニウムから削り出したスナップボタン付き。 さらに風をさえぎるにはジッパーをあげてください。



・Zipper chest pocket for quick access to phone or keys.
・Minimal seams are placed off the shoulder to avoid water seepage.
・All seams are completely tape-sealed to prevent water leakage.
・Signature roll-up sleeves to adjust sleeve length.
・Curved sleeve pattern to match the natural shape of your arms.
・Made to fit over a helmet.
・3 points of adjustment allow hood to fit well improving visibility while keeping your head dry.
・Concealed pull rings on all cord adjustments.
・Double hang loops for quick drying after use.
・Exterior pockets have concealed zippers to keep water out. Large pulls for use with gloves.
・Weight: Medium size 365g(12.9 oz)
      Large size 440g (15.5 oz)

・総重量:Mサイズ 365g、Lサイズ 440g

About Proof Line Nylon:

This jacket and fabric are made in Japan achieving an exceptionally tight weave and a great natural touch. Hidden inside the fabric is a breathable and a completely seam sealed waterproof layer. This three-layer fabric is remarkably thin so you don’t feel weighed down by armor, or crackly, diaper-like fabrics.
The three layer material is windproof and breathable so you can forget you're even wearing a jacket.
It withstands water pressure 20,000mm and moisture permeability of 8,000g.


・Do not use fabric softener or detergents with fabric softener.
・Hand wash with a mild detergent or dry clean. Also specialized for waterproofed jackets, such as Nikwax, are recommended.
・Do not store wet.
・Place fabric layer over item while ironing.
・Ironing smoothes the surface and helps improve water repellency.
・Durable water repellency may decline with use and washing over time.


このジャケットは、目がしっかり詰まっているのに、すばらしくナチュラルな感触の素材を使用しています。内側には通気性があって、すべての縫製部分にはシームテープ処理が施されています。 このスリーレイヤー生地は、驚くくらい薄いので腕に重さを感じません。それに、ガサガサという擦れる音もありません。 内側からの通気によって、できるだけ湿気を少なくする構造なのでジャケットを着ていることも忘れるくらいです。