Reversible Post Buckle Belt, Oiled Leather
No.90066 Oiled Leather
S size : 76 ( 69 - 84 ) cm / 30" ( fits 27 - 33" )
M size : 87 ( 80 - 95 ) cm / 34" ( fits 31.5 - 37.5" )
L size : 97 ( 90 - 105 ) cm / 38" ( fits 35.5 - 41" )
¥ 24,840


These belts are cut and colored by hand, one by one. The belt is reversible so it can be worn as two different colors. The refined minimal belt construction means it can be worn with a suit or jeans. The original buckle was hand carved out of a solid block. We left the scratches and irregularities from the original buckle to show in the final molded metal buckle. There is only one belt hole visible from the front. The adjustment belt holes are concealed while wearing. Oiled leather, 28mm width. Handmade in Japan.

これらのベルトは、一本ずつ手染めで仕上げられています。ふたつの色を楽しめるリバーシブル。 洗練されたシンプルなデザインで、スーツにもジーンズにも合います。ポスタルコオリジナルのバックルは、ブロックを手で削り出して、 型取りしたものから作られています。 よく見ると引っかき傷やふぞろいさがそのまま残っています。 ベルトは、長さを調節する穴から先にセットすることで、着用時に不要な穴が隠れます。 素材の特性上、バックルは徐々に変色します。オイルレザー。28mm幅。日本製。

About Oiled Leather

Oiled Leather

An essential part of this carefully selected cowhide is the way that oil is first soaked deeply into the leather fibers and then finished with wax. This leather has an exceptionally tight grain and surface making it resistant to stretching out of shape. Vegetable tanning takes more time but does not use the toxic compounds needed for chrome tanned leather. With use the leather will soften and darken in color, developing a patina. The backside will gradually become more suede-like and soft.

How we dye our leather

Each belt is hand-finished and colored one by one as is visible in the intentionally irregular application of color. There is quite a bit of variation from skin to skin and even within the same skin. The typical way to make leather color uniform is to cover the surface with thick synthetic fillers and pigment coatings, covering the natural variations in surface and color. Unfortunately this finish does not allow scratches to blend in or improve over time. Postalco leather is colored using aniline dyes. Aniline dyes soak into the leather leaving visible the natural variation in grain and texture. The more aniline dyed leather is used, the better the surface patina gets over time. Each skin is different: a faint stripe-like pattern, called ‘tora’ in Japanese, is a natural effect due to the way the dye soaks into the various parts of the skin. Each skins ‘tora’ is different. 'Pit tanned' and Aniline dyed leather is more expensive and time consuming but produces beautiful leathers.


Oiled Leather

To keep the natural surface of this material we have only coated this leather with a light water resistant treatment. Naturally finished leathers and materials may crock or rub off. This belt is not recommended for use with white or light colored pants. Please take care to keep your belt dry. If it gets wet in the rain or with water it is more likely for the colors to crock. If it does get wet pat dry with a soft cloth. Shade dry. To help blend in small scratches and dirt marks please moisten a soft cloth with water and wipe gently. Be sure to wipe the overall surface, not just in one area to avoid staining. Oily leather creams will stain this belt so we don’t recommend them. If the surface gets dry, please use a mild creme (such as clear Delicate Shoe Cream) to replenish the moisture. Be sure to use only clear cream as any color will rub off!



厳選された成牛革(ステア)を使用。繊維の密度が高くてきめが細かい上、歪みや伸びにも強い、ベルトに理想的な部位を選んでいます。 厚い革のなめしに最適なピットを使用した植物なめしで、一ヶ月もの時間をかけてじっくりとなめされています。


ポスタルコの革の色付けには染料染めを採用しております。革の表面の味を生かす染料でオリジナルカラーに染め上げ、オイルを加えていき、 表面にワックスを塗り込み時間をかけて浸透させて革が完成します。一本一本手染めし、磨き上げて仕上げています。 自然な加工法の丈夫な革ですので使い込むほどにやわらかくなり、トコ面が革らしく起毛してくるのが特徴です。



自然な仕上げの革を使用しているため、摩擦や汗、その他の水濡れによって色落ちする場合があります。白や淡色の衣服での着用はお控え下さい。 水濡れした際は、布でやさしく叩くように水気を取ってから、自然乾燥させて下さい。そのままにしておくとシミが残ったり、 わずかに膨張したりすることがありますので十分にご注意ください。 表面についたひっかき傷は透明なデリケートクリームでお手入れできます。

Delicate Cream / デリケートクリーム