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Pinch Totem Key Holder

Pinch Totem Key Holder
No.96703 Brass
1.5 x 6.3 x 1.2 cm / 0.6 x 2.5 x 0.5""
¥ 8,640

96703 2648

Without us thinking about it our hand responds to various shapes by forming different grips. It's like a silent conversation is taking place between the hand and the object. These key holders are made with the hand in mind. In response to the double hook shape of 'Lift' the fingers also take on a hooked shape, lifting the key holder. The flat textured shape of 'Pinch' is met from either side pinched between fingers. Keys are often in hand so why not make them feel good? Solid brass: Made in Japan.

Totem Key Holder

One solid brass bar connects your keys. Totem Key Holders have the distinct characteristic of lining up your keys in a row. Placing your most used keys on the outside edges makes them easy to find even without looking. As something we come in contact with daily, we made Totem Key Holders to feel good in the hand. Individually cut and cast from solid brass.

モノに触るときの手は、考えなくても自在に、微妙に動きを変えます。まるで、もの言わぬモノとの対話のようです。 トーテムキーホルダーの発想は、見えない手を想像することから始まりました。「リフト」は両方にとっかかりがあるので、指をかけて持ち上げる動きを引き出し、「ピンチ」は、平べったい部分をつまんでみたくなる。こういう、ムズムズと指を動かしたくなるキーホルダーって、あったでしょうか?真鍮。日本製。




While using the screw cap may come loose or unscrewed. From time to time hand-tighten the screw cap. Please do not force the screw closed as the threads may become stripped. Over time the metal color may darken or change.


お使いいただくうちにネジがゆるむ場合がありますので時々ネジを締め直して下さい。 また、無理な力でネジを締めすぎないようご注意下さい。ネジが破損することがあります。 素材の特性上徐々に変色します。黒ずみが気になる場合は、乾いた柔らかい布で軽く磨いて下さい。