Keys feel great in hand

Mineral Key Holder
No.96707 Brass, Stone
2 x 5.2 x 2 cm / 0.8 x 2 x 0.8"
¥ 14,300

Each piece varies in color and pattern.

96707 3031 2930 2931 2932 2933

Mineral Key Holder
No.96707 Brass, Stone
2 x 5.2 x 2 cm / 0.8 x 2 x 0.8"
¥ 15,400

Each piece varies in color and pattern.

96707 3180 3032 2935 2936 2937 2938 2939

We are fascinated by the variety of minerals found in the crust of the Earth. So many brilliant colors in nature are changing all the time. The vibrant colors of plants, the blue sky, and sunset clouds are all temporary. Maybe we are attracted to stones because their colors are thousands of years old and will stay the same for thousands of years more?
We worked with traditional Japanese stone craftsmen to create a new series of multicolored Mineral Key Holders. These stones are not dyed or treated natural stones combined with cut solid brass hardware. Even within the same type of stone, there are natural variations in colors and patterns. Each stone is then cut and finished by hand giving every piece a unique shape. Screws closed. Handmade in Japan.

Totem Key Holder

One solid brass bar connects your keys. Totem Key Holders have the distinct characteristic of lining up your keys in a row. Placing your most used keys on the outside edges makes them easy to find even without looking. As something we come in contact with daily, we made Totem Key Holders to feel good in the hand. Individually cut and cast from solid brass.




Video made for Postalco by Onnacodomo. 



While using the screw cap may come loose or unscrewed. From time to time hand-tighten the screw cap. Please do not force the screw closed as the threads may become stripped. Over time the metal color may darken or change.


These natural stones are not dyed or treated. Cut and finished by hand they are combined with solid brass hardware. Even within the same type of stone there is natural variation in color and pattern. To clean wipe with a wet cloth and dry immediately. Avoid strong impacts as the stone may chip or crack. If sharp edges develop discontinue use to avoid injury. Sodalite & Lapis Lazuli color may fade with exposure to water and salt. Reduce exposure to direct sunlight.



お使いいただくうちにネジがゆるむ場合がありますので時々ネジを締め直して下さい。 また、無理な力でネジを締めすぎないようご注意下さい。ネジが破損することがあります。 素材の特性上徐々に変色します。黒ずみが気になる場合は、乾いた柔らかい布で軽く磨いて下さい。