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Channel Point Pen Grid
1 x 14.7 x 1.4 cm / 0.4 x 5.9 x 0.6"
¥ 38,500

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From Point to Line

Individually crafted solid metal ballpoint pen with a unique U-clip.
Included ink cartridge: SXR-5 0.5mm waterproof ink. Patent pending. Weight 26g. Made in Japan.

The U-Clip

When this pen is attached to a notepad or in a pocket all that’s visible is the U-clip, giving it a clean look like a classic tie clip. The U-shaped clip is Postalco’s original design. In a single curved shape the metal clip arcs over the top of the pen allowing the pen to sink lower onto the papers it is clipped to. The clip is also the button that exposes the tip of the ballpoint. The U-shaped clip took the most time to develop. Combining the clip and the button in one refined metal piece turned out to be more difficult than we imagined. This pen is made by shaving metal away from a solid block. Lines cut into the clip give just the grip needed and also create a subtle graph pattern. Instead of plastic or rubber grips there are fine record-like lines inscribed into the pen body. It feels refined: less like a tool and more like an instrument. This pen embraces traditional craft but with the goal of blending it into everyday contemporary life.

Why 'Channel Point’?

We named this pen because the passage where the clip slides looks like a channel. I like when things are moving forward so channels are inspiring. (Pens allow us to take the thoughts and ideas swimming around in our heads and put them down on paper. Once we can see those thoughts outside of our minds, we can take the next step.)


Surprisingly smooth and quick drying this pen is the result of much experimentation and research. It’s best to forget about all the inventions that are built into this pen and focus on the smooth transfer of your thoughts to paper. Fits refills ranging from 0.38mm to 0.7mm in permanent ink, black or blue colors. Refills: fits Mitsubishi Pencil.Co.Ltd.,(uni) SXR-38, SXR-5, SXR-7 Use only these refills. Available worldwide.


内蔵芯: SXR-5(油性インク0.5mm)、重量26g、PAT.P、日本製。






驚くほど滑らかな書き味とインクの速乾性は、たくさんの実験と高い技術の結果です。これらの素晴らしいイノベーションはむしろペンのメカニズムを忘れさせ、ただ書くことに集中させてくれます。替え芯は三菱鉛筆株式会社のSXR-38、SXR-5、SXR-7 に対応。世界中で手に入れることができます。


SXR-5 替リフィル 0.5mm Black
for Channel Point Pen Refil Black

¥ 108


Video made by onnacodomo. 
onnacodomoによるChannel Point Penの映像


・Do not remove the small screw on the back of the pen. It will no longer work and the pen may be permanently damaged.
・Main body screw: forcing closed may damage threads.
・When not in use or carrying, retract the pen tip. Exposed pen tip may result in ink leakage.
・A small amount of oil may be present; please wipe pen before use.
・Keep dry. Moisture may result in discoloration. If pen gets wet wipe immediately with a soft dry cloth.
・Over time paint may darken, chip, or rub off. Metal colors also may change.
・Sudden impact (such as dropping the pen) or rubbing against other objects may result in breakage or paint removal.
・Writing on dirty or rough surfaces may cause ink blockage.
・Do not place within the reach of children.
・Do not use for any purpose other than writing.
・Avoid exposing the pen to direct sunlight or high temperature.
・Do not open the clip too far.
・Irregularity in color, surface and texture are a natural part of hand cut and polished metal.

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