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“The triangular shape, curved forms and skis give a sled its stability. I love the way a sled leans back, as if it was blown into that shape from a strong cold wind."
-Mike Abelson, designer

- マイク・エーブルソン、デザイナー

About Mogul Ski Chair

This chair is the Postalco philosophy applied to furniture. Designed for contemporary daily life, it also has a warm presence. The double curved back piece of this chair is like a cradle supporting the person seated. It is also a curved handle similar to the ‘handlebar’ found on the back of an ice sled.



Mogul Ski Chair

Mogul Ski Chair
No.FT-001 Oak and Chestnut
52 x 79.5 x 89 cm / 20.5 x 31.3 x 35"
¥ 181,500

FT-001 3172 3088

Mogul Ski Chair

Mogul Ski Chair
No.FT-002 Oak and Chestnut
52 x 79.5 x 89 cm / 20.5 x 31.3 x 35"
¥ 192,500

FT-001 3173 3102 3101 3103 3104

Mogul Ski Chair

Mogul Ski Chair
No.FT-003 Oak and Chestnut
52 x 79.5 x 89 cm / 20.5 x 31.3 x 35"
¥ 242,000

FT-001 3097

These chairs are only available at the Postalco Kyobashi shop and Postalco Online Shop. We will only produce chairs for orders received. Arrives fully assembled. This is a special collaboration between Postalco and Karimoku. We are only able to ship to locations in Japan. The Mogul Ski Chair will be delivered approximately 2-3 months after purchase.



Built by Karimoku

Karimoku has over 75 years of experience with wood working and makes some of the most reliable furniture available. We are lucky to be able to work with them to realize our vision. Each chair is made with hand-selected wood and built to order entirely in their first class workshop.

Is it Comfortable?

We worked with the ‘touch and comfort specialist’ at Karimoku to refine the exact details of this chair. We were surprised to find out that he was previously a mogul ski athlete. The same meticulous attention to detail that a racer applies to his skis, he now applies to the touch and feel of the chairs he reviews. Through conversation, prototypes, and testing we decided on the exact shape, angle and cushioning. Pairing sophisticated geometry and luxurious materials lead to the Mogul Ski Chair's optimum feel.
Since each person is unique, we suggest visiting our Kyobashi shop to try it yourself.






Sustainable Wood

The Mogul Ski Chair is made with ecologically sourced oak and chestnut. We combined oak for strength and chestnut for lightness. Karimoku’s long history of furniture making means that they are able to know that their wood is responsibly sourced in Japan from managed forests.

Considerations for health

Furniture should never pose a health hazard, especially since we spend our everyday life together. Karimoku actively adopts the use of paints and materials that do not contain toxic substances, and has cleared the most stringent standards in Japan with regard to formaldehyde that causes the sick house syndrome.






Aniline Leather

This cowhide has an exceptionally natural and soft surface. Each skin varies in color and texture, and will develop a patina over time. It is more labor intensive to make leather this way but the depth of color and comfortable feeling it is worth it.
We’re including a Leather Care Oil Kit with Coffee Brown leather chair orders.


染料のみで着色しているため、一枚一枚、微妙に異なる色合いやシボのばらつきといった、革本来の表情と質感を楽しめます。植物タンニンとクロムでなめした牛革は、ナチュラルでソフトな手触り。 使い込むと、深みのある風合いが生まれます。


Kvadrat Textiles

Textile specialist Kvadrat in Denmark has been creating fabric since 1968. The fabrics Canvas 2 and Remix 2 combine six colors of yarn in every colorway, creating exceptional color richness. From a distance they have the calm feeling of a single color fabric, but as you get closer elegant color contrasts emerge. 90% wool, 10% nylon. Certified EU Ecolabel.



What is in our cushion?
For optimum comfort without unnecessary bulk, we shaped four layers of materials for the perfect cushion.
Filling includes cutting-edge technology 3-D mesh materials for an ideal lightweight, soft but springy combination. We used 3-D mesh for its breathability and ability to keep its shape even after much use. Cushions are wrapped in beautiful Japan-made leather or fabric by Kvadrat in Denmark for a luxurious surface. Cushion filling can be removed from a concealed zipper opening for cover cleaning.

Available by advance order at the Postalco Shop only.

These chairs are only available in the Postalco Kyobashi shop and the Postalco Online Shop. We will only produce chairs for orders received. Arrives fully assembled. This is a special collaboration between Postalco and Karimoku. We are only able to ship to locations in Japan.



Mogul Ski Chair は、ポスタルコ京橋店、ポスタルコオンラインショップのみでの販売となります。オーダーを受けて製作する受注販売商品です。 椅子は組み立てた状態でお届けします。 配送は日本国内に限ります。


About Karimoku

Karimoku, Japan’s leading manufacturer of wooden furniture, started as a small wood shop in Aichi Prefecture. Since then, Karimoku has focused on the pursuit of ‘high-tech and high-touch’ Japanese products.




Q. How should I care for this wood?
A. Everyday care: wipe with a soft dry cloth. When solid wood furniture is correctly maintained over the years the wood will acquire a beautiful patina. Solid wood is a living material that is affected by daylight, temperature and humidity. Solid wood furniture should not be placed too close to heat sources such as wood-burning stoves or radiators. Solid wood is also affected and dried by direct sunlight. This may cause irregular color change.

Q. How should I care for this leather?
A. Everyday care: wipe with a soft dry cloth. Wiping with too much pressure may remove color. When the leather becomes dry we suggest our moisturizing maintenance kit to replace lost moisture. This will increase the life of the leather, return softness and help blend in small surface scratches.

Q. How should I clean this textile?
A. Everyday care: we recommend that you vacuum upholstered furniture often (best at half power), ideally every week. About stains: marks which do not contain oil should initially be removed by carefully dabbing them with a clean cloth or a sponge wrung out with clean warm water. Remove the stain working from the outer edge in a spiral toward the center. Grease stains can be removed with suitable stain removers. We always recommend that you test your upholstery fabric cleaner on an inconspicuous area before using it on the main part of the upholstery. Cleaning the fabric cover: only use dry-cleaning. Do not wash in a washing machine or with water.

Q. Will the wood change shape or warp in use?
A. This chair is made in a way to reduce warp but because the material is wood, some warpage may occur depending on the environment. Please avoid direct sunlight and water exposure. Please see more details in the instruction manual.

Q. Is there a warranty? Can this chair be repaired if broken?
A. This chair has a one year warranty from purchase. If there is a problem while used in accordance with the manual, replacement or repair is guaranteed for one year. For problems after the warranty period, repairs can be made for a fee.

Q. Do I need to assemble this chair?
A. This chair arrives in a large box, fully assembled and ready to use.

Q and A

Q. 木はどのようなケア方法をしたら良いでしょうか?
A. 毎日のケア: やわらかな布で乾拭きしてください。無垢の木で作られた家具は、ちゃんと手入れをすることで、美しいパティーナ(古色)が生まれます。生きている素材なので、日の光や温度や湿気によって変わるのです。木の家具は、ヒーターや薪ストーブなどの熱源のそばに置かないでください。直接日光にあたると部分的に色が変化する可能性があります。

Q. レザーはどのようなケア方法をしたら良いでしょうか?
A. 日常のケア: やわらかな布で乾拭きしてください。強く擦ると、色落ちすることがあります。革がカサついてきたら、専用のレザーケアキットで潤いをとりもどすようにしてください。こうすれば、革の持ちもよくなり、やわらかさがもどって、表面の引っかき傷を目立ちづらくしてくれます。

Q. テキスタイルはどのようなケア方法をしたら良いでしょうか?
A. 毎日のケア: 布張りの椅子には、できるだけ頻繁に掃除機をかけてください。半分くらいの強さにして、できれば毎週。油を含まない汚れは、きれいな布か温水に浸してしぼったスポンジで、ていねいに叩くようにしてください。できたばかりのシミは、外側から中心へと拭いてください。油っぽいシミは、適切なシミ取りを使ってください。布カバーの洗濯は、ドライクリーニングのみ。洗濯機や水洗いは避けてください。

Q. 木は反りなど変形することはありますか?
A. 変形しにくいよう設計していますが、素材が木材の為、使用環境により若干の反りが発生する恐れがあります。取扱説明書をご覧いただいた上で、直射日光や水濡れに気をつけてご使用ください。

Q. 故障した場合は修理は可能ですか?
A. ご購入より1年間の保証を致します。取扱説明書にしたがった使用方法で、万一故障した場合は、修理対応いたします。保証期間外の場合は、有料にて修理対応をさせていただきます。

Q. 椅子は組み立てが必要ですか?
A. 椅子は組み立てた状態でお届けします。

Oak and Chestnut

As wood is a natural product, variations in color and pigmentation will occur. Wooden furniture will also change appearance over time as it is affected by the environment in which it is placed. Each piece of wood is unique. Wood color depends on where the tree grew. Within the wood grain variations of brown, gray, darker, and lighter sections naturally occur. Branches also affect the grain. Especially found in oak is an irregular grain pattern called in Japanese the ‘tora’. Natural knots, ‘tora’, grain, and color variations are considered ‘natural marks’ and are unique to each piece of wood. Where one piece of wood joins another the grain, texture and color may especially stand out. Since every natural variation is visible, only the best wood can be used. It is more difficult to make furniture this way, but we feel it is worth it.

Coating: there is a light water resistant polyurethane coating on the wood ideal for daily use. The natural color and grain of wood are intentionally not hidden. Compared with oil finishes it is a more durable surface protection. It helps reduce dirt gathering on the surface.

Aniline Leather

This leather breathes, giving exceptional sitting comfort. Over time the leather surface will soften, scratches will get worked in, and it will develop a patina unique to leather. This leather’s special finish intentionally does not hide the ‘natural marks’ inherent in leather: these include wrinkles, veins, insect bites, and scratches. These are the signs of a truly natural material. Leather colors will age with patina and grace, however they are also very susceptible to stains. As much as possible, do not place leather furniture in direct sunlight or close to heat sources such as radiators or wood-burning stoves. We’re including a Leather Care Oil Kit with Coffee Brown leather chair orders.

Textile Cushions

The cushion is removed easily with no tools. It snaps into place with metal snaps that are invisible when the cushion is attached. (Yes, at Postalco we do like snaps!)

Canvas 2 by Kvadrat:
Comfortable, soft and breathable wool. 90% new wool, 10% nylon.

Remix 2 by Kvadrat:
Inspired by the feeling of thin and strong wool suiting fabric. 90% wool, 10% nylon.







モーグルスキーチェアのクッションは、工具を使うこともなく、取り外して掃除したり、手入れができます。 クッションの取り付け、取り外しは、スナップボタンで。(そうなんです、ポスタルコは、スナップが好きなんです!)

Canvas 2/Kvadrat
90%ニューウール 10%ナイロン

Remix 2/Kvadrat
90%ウール 10%ナイロン


Leather Care Oil Kit